Matt and Nathaniel are joined by their occasional master — I mean “host” Sean. The three of them play Elite: Dangerous using the Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2. Matt talks about getting back into Destiny and Nathaniel discusses the bad parts of Elite.

Nathaniel plays Elite: Dangerous with the Oculus Rift

This time, we discuss DRM and what we think about it. Nathaniel holds an intervention for all of Matt’s Binding of Isaac playing and Nathaniel ruins his own enjoyment of Mount and Blade.
Also, the kitty below is a link to the Mario glitch speed run that we mention during the cast.

Do you have a minute to talk about glitch speed runs?

This week Nathaniel and Matt are joined by special guest and mostly non-gamer Sean. He listens to us talk about RNG mechanics and talks some about pen and paper RPGs. Matt spends some more time talking about how much he loves Binding of Isaac.

This week we played topic chicken and ended up talking about butts (or buuttts). We discuss the best butts in games, who’s a butt, and several other butt related topics. We talk about “barriers to immersion” and Matt promises not to play Binding of Isaac so much.

In this episode, Nathaniel and Matt discuss roguelikes: what makes a rougelike and what are some of our favorites? Also in this episode, Nathaniel’s cats will not be ignored.

Bonus cat picture:


Welcome to Almost Focused, our podcast about gaming. We’re Nathaniel and Matt, two programmers who love gaming.

In this episode the topic is Castlevania. Our friend Sean joins us halfway through to briefly talk about Magicka.