It’s time again for the Indie Spotlight! This week we’re joined again by Damian Sommer and Emma Rios and it’s a puzzle game heavy week. Emma discusses the philosophical implications of “Hunie Pop’s” sexual orientation toggles. Damian is surprised to learn from the creator of “Metamorphabet” that it was not made specifically for children.

This Week:
Hunie Pop: “The sexiest dating sim/puzzle game hybrid you’ll ever play!”
The Fool and His Money: Difficult puzzle game that’s 25 years in the making. Sequel to the Mac classic “The Fool’s Errand”
Metamorphabet: Puzzle? Toy? A game about transformation and play that’s fun and unique.
Project Gorgon:  Indie Sandbox MMO in the style of Ultima Online and Asheron’s Call, but with a PvE role-playing focus. 200 skills to learn including Necromancy, Art History, Psychology, and being a cow – just to name a few.

N screen of Metamorphobet

N screen of Metamorphabet

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