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24: Hobby Cast

We discovered that both of us share several hobbies that are not video game related, so we decided to talk about them all on this podcast. After the break checkout some pictures we drew! Read More
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23: We’re talking about video games

This week we're just catching up. We do our regular random-cast episode where we talk about video games  we played and what we're going to play. Nathaniel spent some time doing play testing for the upcoming game SolArk and gushes about that. Read More
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22: Almost Punctual – E3

We're all caught up on E3 news and so we got together to talk about what happened at the conference and what games we're excited about. That means we talk a lot about No Man's Sky, Fallout 4, Zero Dawn, and Elder Scrolls: Legends. Read More
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21: Civilization

Nathaniel is finally back from vacation so while we prepare for an E3 and gaming news review, here's a quick cast about one of our favorite game series: Sid Meier's Civilization. Read More
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Summer Reruns: Preorders

We're on break again, but that doesn't mean you can't get your Almost Focused fix. Relive the magic as we find almost no salvation for game preorders.  We'll be back next week with a brand new episode! Read More

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